About Stephanie


“As both a coach and a counselor, I pride myself in high levels of authenticity and integrity, joining with my clients in this adventure called life. I am an active and compassionate listener, an empathetic person to have in your corner.  I am committed to you making breakthrough changes and achieving the results in life and work you desire.

I have been working in the field for nearly a decade, and am always adding tools to my practice. I am continually expanding my skill set and furthering my education.  I was drawn to this work because of my insatiable interest in people and a passion for human potential.  I am a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. I love being out in nature and adventuring around the Pacific Northwest.

I am committed to a joy-filled life both personally and professionally and brining that potential my clients.”

bellevue life coach stephanie hardwick

Education & Training


  • Master’s Degree – Applied Behavioral Science from LIOS at Bastyr University (2004)
  • Bachelor’s Degree – Social Work at Eastern Washington University
  • Graduate – Landmark Education Forum, Advanced Course and Self Expression and Leadership Program
  • Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy from The Wellness Institute
  • Qualified Administrator – Myers Briggs Personality Assessments


Client Testimonials


“I have been working with Stephanie for over a year now and she has helped me transform my life into a much more joyful and fulfilling adventure! As an executive at a well know local company I was by all means very successful in my job but was not feeling very fulfilled in what I was doing. As a result of Stephanie’s very patient and thoughtful consultative sessions we were able to course correct and she helped me realize what truly makes me happy in life. In the past year I left my job, started my own business, got married and have devoted my life to working with people and companies who really want to make a positive difference in this world by lifting others up and helping them reach their true potential. I couldn’t imagine doing this without her coaching and guidance.”

~Keith H.

“I have worked with Stephanie for a year now and she has helped me to totally change my life. I told Stephanie in our first meeting that I wanted to overcome my fear of flying, address my health concerns and find ways to cope with the stress in my life. I have now completed 6 roundtrip flights with ease – no need for medication. I have lost 60 pounds and am now classified as ‘normal’ weight for my height. She has also taught me new ways to cope with stress which have made a tremendous difference for me both professionally and personally. I am enormously grateful to Stephanie for everything she has done to help me change my life. She’s amazing.”

~Heather R.

“Stephanie is one of the best coaches/therapists I’ve ever known. She has a keen ability to tune into the core issues and provide possibilities for changing one’s perspective. She uses her vast/varied professional trainings and her personal experiences to bring depth and insight to every session. Having her on my team provides me with great comfort and confidence. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their life in any way.”

~Stephanie L.