For The Love of Doing

by | Oct 26, 2022 | Wisdom Under Cover

Months ago I stumbled across the wisdom of Krishnamurti, a few decades late as he passed away while I was learning to drive the family Subaru in an Oklahoma City Suburb.

He is famous for being a philosopher, mystic, writer and speaker. You can find him easily on YouTube. I discovered him when one of my clients said they enjoyed his recorded conversations with physicist David Bohm. They discuss the intersections of science and spirituality. As I always do when someone I care about is moved or inspired by an author, I blindly purchased the book. That is how I ended up with a copy of Think On These Things by Krishnamurti. There will be many posts from this book but today I was drifting over page 97 in my paperback copy.

A student of Krishnamurti had asked him a question about his stamina for endlessly speaking and doing talks, why does he do it and doesn’t he get tired of it. I absolutely love his answer. It speaks to the importance of finding something, anything, you enjoy doing and just do it. Not because you think you will get something out of it or are attached to the outcome but for the sheer love of doing it.

You know, if you love something, you never get tired of it – I mean love in which there is no seeking of a result, no wanting something out of it. When you love something, it is not self-fulfillment, therefore there is no disappointment, there is no end. Why am I doing this? You might as well ask why the rose blooms, why the jasmine gives its scent, or why the bird flies. – Krishnamurti

It is so easy to get attached to the outcome of whatever it is we are creating. We can make it matter such that we no longer enjoy the process. When we are more motivated by the achievement or success of something, we are at risk of not paying attention to enjoying what we are doing. We can operate from a place of “should” or “have to” rather than an authentic “I choose to”.

Today’s post is a gentle invitation to listen to what is wanting to come forth through you. Whether you want to create good health, write a book, make dinner for your family or create a thriving culture at work….find that thing that interests you and give it your time and attention. Ignore all the warnings of the ego that will whisper fear-based theories of failure and insufficiency and simply do. Remove the need to define what must happen and enjoy the doing. You are an unlimited creator, now go create!

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