I Finally Begin….

by | Oct 24, 2022 | Wisdom Under Cover

I think one of the best aspects of being a life and leadership coach is the quality of the company you keep. I am fortunate enough to have quite a few wise, awake, and humble humans as friends. This morning I was invited by my dear friend Tatyana to do a podcast for her Beauty Hunter SubStack. This woman is a wonderful writer and coach. When you spend time with Tatyana you see the world through the most colorful of lenses. She adds texture to the mundane and laughter to the complexities of life. She showed me the full behind the scenes tour of her blog post and online creations. In just a short time I was inspired to create something of my own.

I have been counseling and coaching since 2007. I have had the itch to write about some of the insights and I get from all the reading I do to continue to be the best support from my clients. It is a maximum minimization to say that I like books. I turn to books when I am bored. I turn to books when I am stuck. I turn to books when I am inspired. I make use of books that would be categorized as  “woo woo” all the way to the scientific. The work and wisdom of authors grounds me and keeps my internal creation engine going in this fabulous profession. Mostly my clients and my friends benefit from the hits and insights I get from my journey through the pages. I am ready to express myself in a more documented fashion reaching a wider audience.

This blog will be for anyone who is willing to give me their time and attention and shares an interest in understanding this wild and precious life as Mary Oliver says. This blog is also, selfishly for me as insight not recorded can often be left behind, moved on from and worst of all, forgotten.

If you have read this far, I am happy to have you here. I look forward to what will be on these pages and fills this empty blog space.

Stay tuned……

stephanie hardwick, life coach, in her library holding a stack of books

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