Leadership is More than You Think

I will often get asked what a leadership coach is and who I work with in that capacity. Leadership coaching does not mean that I work only with people in organizations who have direct reports. A leader is not just someone who has rank over others. I want to change that perception.

Leaders are EVERYWHERE. You are in a place of leadership if you have influence with another person, situation or group. This means leaders are where ever relationships are: parents, managers, CEO’s, individual contributors, partners, friends, volunteers, teachers, customers.

Anywhere you are in a position to make a difference with another human being, it is beneficial to practice leadership and be responsible for the energy you bring to your influence.

I even suggest that self-leadership qualifies you as a leader. Positively leading yourself is the foundation for leading other. Make sure that you are fit to lead, meaning you are taking responsibility of your body, mind and spirit.

“Leaders are made, they aren’t born.”
~Vince Lambardi

If you don’t already, begin to think about yourself as a leader. Step into your power by being intentional with the positive impact you want to have with yourself, on others and the world around you. Create a healthy body, an intentional mind and a connected spirit and lead with your life.